PhotonStar Announces Controls Collaboration with Lutron

The announcement, which took place prior to show opening on Day 1, will allow PhotonStar customers to have the option of ordering many of the company’s high performance LED lighting products with a prewired Lutron Ecosystem® driver, straight from the factory.

Lutron’s EcoSystem protocol seamlessly communicates with all Lutron EcoSystem digital controls from the recently launched Energi Tripak solution to the complete building system Quantum and all systems in between.

PhotonStar’s Marketing Director Fenella Frost commented:  “Adding seamless Lutron EcoSystem protocol compatibility as an option on our products is in line with our mission to provide the most reliable and workable control and lighting solutions to our customers. We intend to further deliver on this aim through collaboration with many respected industry leaders.”

Lux Live took place on the 20th and 21st November at Earls Court 2 in London.

About PhotonStar LED Group PLC:

PhotonStar LED Group PLC (“PhotonStar” or the “Group”) is a British designer and manufacturer of smart LED lighting solutions. The Group’s proprietary technology seamlessly integrates LEDs, sensors and controls to provide intelligent lighting for commercial and architectural applications which benefit from greater CO2 reduction, lower cost of ownership & improved functionality compared to other available light sources.
Photonstar’s lighting products have won numerous awards for performance, innovation and reliability, and are unique in the industry for the use of recycled, and recyclable materials, which means they have 90% less embodied CO2 than equivalent products providing the same levels of illumination.
PhotonStar comprises two divisions: LED Lighting Fixtures which works with lighting designers, architects, house builders, facilities management companies and sustainability consultants to provide intelligent, high-end LED lighting solutions for the commercial and architectural market, and LED Light Engines which provides LED lighting solutions for specialist applications such as film & television production lighting, UV curing and medical applications.
PhotonStar is based in Romsey, Hampshire with manufacturing in Wales.

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Asia Report: Why India’s Solar Market Looks Brighter in 2014

India’s solar market is on track to be roughly the same in 2013 as it was in 2012, which is surprising given the ~20 percent overall growth projected for global solar demand. But optimism and expectations continue to emerge for India’s solar potential.

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Geothermal Visual: Seismograph Record of Passing Trains Vs. EGS Stimulation

Courtesy of Trenton Cladouhos, Senior Vice President R&D, AltaRock Energy This photo shows a seismograph record from an instrument in La Pine, Oregon, the nearest town to AltaRock Energy’s Newberry Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) demonstration, on the day of the project’s largest microseismic event on December 7, 2012. The seismograph shows that

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The Importance of a PV System Washing Program

The decrease in the cost of photovoltaic modules has created a boom in the market, which paved the way for rapid construction of PV systems for residential and commercial customers in the United States and the rest of the world. The Solar Energy Industries Association reported that for Q1 2013, residential and some non-residential projects in California have achieved ‘retail rate parity’.

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Warrior Power: US Navy, Veterans Plugged In on Alternative Energy

An innovative Office of Naval Research (ONR) program is looking to Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard veterans for the cutting edge in alternative energy-and is highlighted this week in a new video released during the Navy’s Warrior Care Month.

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EU Hits Chinese Solar Glass Exporters with Tariffs Up to 42.1%

The European Union imposed tariffs as high as 42.1 percent on solar glass from China to curb import competition for EU producers, heightening trade tensions over renewable energy.

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Latest Edison Opto COB HM Series Meets the CEC Specification

To satisfy market demand, the Taiwanese leading LED manufacturer, Edison Opto, has been dedicated to promote a better living environment and never stop creating high efficacy LED products since their establishment. By virtue of seven-year experience in COB development, Edison Opto has introduced the high efficiency EdiPower II HM series which attracts the attention of industry. Recently, in order to respond to the market demand, Edison Opto has upgraded the CRI value of HM series up to 90 and met the requirement of R9>50. This breakthrough makes HM series become a preferred choice of museum and hospital lighting where require high CRI light sources to present the actual color of objects.

With high quality standard, Edison Opto’s COB components can keep pace with international manufacturers’ products. To help customers and lamp designers to distinguish product chromaticity, Edison Opto refers to the specifications of Energy Star and adjusts the original BIN group. At present, the COB products are grouped in 3-Step and 5-step MacAdam ellipse. The new BIN group makes CCT control more accurately, and thus improve the product homogeneity. 98% of Edison COB products are within a 3-Step MacAdam ellipse and 90% are within a 5-step MacAdam ellipse. And that means Edison Opto has achieved the goal of color consistency. Those products are particularly suitable for applications requiring high color homogeneity, such as gallery, printing factory and stage lighting.

About Edison Opto:
Edison Opto has established the headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan since 2001. Edison Opto is specialized in designing and producing High-power LEDs. In order to satisfy customers’ high standard requests for quality, Edison Opto established a LM80 approved laboratory which is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Edison Opto creates the LDMS service program which can provide customized professional design and production services. Edison Opto has established factories in Dongguan and Yangzhou. Besides, in order to expand the service domain, Edison Opto has established subsidiaries in USA and Germany. Edison Opto provides customers with complete product support and prompt delivery services.
More Information about the company and our products can be found at

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Gamma Scientific Awarded IES LM-80 Accreditation for LED Life Testing

LED Lifetime and Lumen Maintenance:
Lumen maintenance is the percentage of initial lumens that a light source maintains over a defined period of time.  LM-80 measures the depreciation of lumens over a specific timeframe to determine the useful life of LED components.

Life tests for other more traditional light sources measure rated lamp life, which is typically set at a 50% failure rate since these sources burn out. However, since LEDs do not have a filament to burn out, the light output for an LED will degrade over time until it is no longer useful.  LM-80 tests measure this depreciation.  

LM-79 Accreditation:
The Gamma Scientific Laboratory is also accredited by NVLAP to perform LM-79 tests for Solid State Lighting (LED) Luminaires.  IES LM-79 is an approved method for testing electrical and photometric measurements of solid-state lighting products. This covers complete LED luminaires and integrated LED sources.

To view the complete scope of Gamma Scientific’s NVLAP Accreditation please visit:

About Gamma Scientific:
With over 50 years of experience in developing commercial light measurement instruments, Gamma Scientific is trusted by the world’s leading organizations to provide accurate and reliable results.  Based in San Diego, California, Gamma Scientific manufactures laboratory grade spectroradiometers, spectrometers, spectrophotometers and integrating spheres. Gamma Scientific also operates an ISO 17025 compliant, NVLAP accredited laboratory that performs ENERGY STAR® lighting certification, LM-79 and LM-80 testing.

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Germany’s New Coalition Seeks Greater Control Over Renewables

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her prospective coalition partners agreed to more tightly control the expansion of clean energy to contain costs.

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LED Taiwan to Co-Locate with Taiwan International Lighting Show in 2014

Taiwan is the world’s leader in LED manufacturing with 41 LED fabs representing over 21 percent of the world’s capacity — more than any other region (according to SEMI Opto/LED Fab Forecast report). Meanwhile, worldwide LED epitaxy capacity is expected to reach 2.4 million in 2013 (4” equivalent per month), with Taiwan LED makers accounting for the largest share of capacity (around 28 percent) with their facilities in Taiwan and China. According to the analyst firm, Research and Markets, the solid state lighting market is expected to reach nearly $60 billion by 2018, at a CAGR of 18.7 percent from 2013 to 2018. The Asia-Pacific region will account for approximately 50 percent of the total, making the combined Taiwan event ideally positioned to serve this rapidly growing market.

From epitaxy, chips, packaging to end applications, Taiwan has developed a comprehensive LED supply chain that has built a wealth of knowledge and know-how. Business opportunities abound with high demands for equipment, parts/components and materials. The new co-located event is the best LED procurement platform in Asia. The event is an excellent opportunity to learn new trends and seize business opportunities, with renewed opportunities to bridge the LED manufacturing and LED lighting supply chains.

Highlights of LED Taiwan 2014 (March 20-22) include:
•  VIP Customer Invitation Program
: Strengthen your connections with your most valued customers. Top executives in your provided customer list will be invited to receive the exclusive privileges and benefits. Besides the VIP leads to the exhibitors, SEMI Taiwan will visit other LED exhibitions/events worldwide to invite VIP of LED manufacturers, such as ChinaSSL, Lighting Japan etc. We will bring more VIP/Buyers to LED Taiwan.
Meet Buyers and Prospects
: The Supplier Search Program offers face-to-face access with leading chip makers and packaging houses looking for new solutions and suppliers.
LED VIP Luncheon: An “invitation only” event at LED Taiwan for over 70 top executives of LED companies from around the world, offers you excellent networking opportunities.
Marketing resources: Websites, databases, advertising and other PR tools are set up to help you get the most out of the show.
Co-location with Taiwan International Lighting Show 2013: LED Taiwan’s co-location with TILS (LED Lighting Show) makes it the largest LED ecosystem trade show in Taiwan

Attend LED Taiwan, now co-located with TILS, and meet Delta, Edison Opto, Epistar, Everlight, Forward, NYPI and more major companies face to face. LED Taiwan is the premier platform to showcase your products, technologies, and services for LED manufacturing in the world’s leading and most influential LED market.

LED Taiwan is organized by SEMI and TAITRA, co-organized by TOSIA (Taiwan Optoelectronic Semiconductor Industry Association).  The Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) is organized by the Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA, and implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (TLFEA).  The combined LED Taiwan and TILS event is projected to attract 500 exhibitors and nearly 20,000 attendees from all sectors of the lighting and LED industries.

Another concurrent event —  TSSL (Taiwan Solid State Lighting), organized by ITRI, TOSIA, TAITRA, TLFEA and SEMI — brings together scientists and engineers actively engaged in research, development, and manufacturing, all aspects of Solid State Lighting including materials, epitaxial growth, chip processing, optical, package and heat dissipation design, as well as systems and applications, to discuss current progress in this field.  Each year, over 300 industry professionals attend.

For more information on LED Taiwan, visit

About SEMI:
SEMI is the global industry association serving the nano- and microelectronics manufacturing supply chains. Our 1,900 member companies are the engine of the future, enabling smarter, faster and more economical products that improve our lives. Since 1970, SEMI has been committed to helping members grow more profitably, create new markets and meet common industry challenges. SEMI maintains offices in Bangalore, Beijing, Berlin, Brussels, Grenoble, Hsinchu, Moscow, San Jose, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, and Washington, D.C.  For more information, visit

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