Another Renewables-Limiting Tax Reform Proposal Launches Into Statis

This week House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) announced his version of draft legislation to simplify the U.S. tax code, dubbed the “Tax Reform Act of 2014,” which has some decidedly negative implications for renewable energy — that is, if any of it makes it through Congressional compromise.

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Lagerwey Wind: “Humble Start with Wider Ambition”

Lagerwey Wind BV of the Netherlands re-entered the wind market backed by an experienced design team that developed a range of innovative lightweight direct drive turbines. At the 2.6-MW prototype in Lelystad, wind pioneer and company founder Henk Lagerwey discussed technology choices and preferences and the formidable challenges linked to building an attractive product portfolio and marketing these in an increasingly competitive global market environment.

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Unique Bioreactor Finds Algae’s Sweet Spot

A unique bioreactor at the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) can help find the ideal locations for farms to produce algae that could someday compete with renewable diesel, cellulosic ethanol, and other petroleum alternatives as transportation fuel.

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9 Great Reasons Why Vote Solar’s Equinox Party is a Must-Attend for Anyone in Solar

If you’re any kind of solar pro, you might want to attend Vote Solar’s annual Equinox Party just because California’s Governor Jerry Brown will be there or just because it’s always a blast with tasty food and drink, and 900 or so true-blue solar people. Those are spectacular reasons, for sure, but there’s an even bigger reason: Attend Equinox becau

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Is a Chinese Sun Powering Western Solar Energy Economies?

The EU is investing more and more in solar energy in order to meet its stated goal of having 20 percent of its energy generated by renewables and reducing emissions 20 percent by the year 2020, compared to 1990 levels. As an essential part of achieving this goal, large quantities of solar panels — in particular, Chinese manufactured solar panels — have been imported and placed on the EU market.

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ASE Test Develops Industry’s First SSL Test System for Design, Validation & Volume Manufacturing

Advanced testing and documentation features provide statistical process control (SPC) that enable manufacturers to meet six-sigma certification. In addition, the ASE SSL 3.0 Test System allows manufacturers to save on warranty claims because of the documentation and traceability of LED drivers used in production.

The ASE SSL 3.0 Test System can rapidly test and verify single or multi-channel LED drivers, either constant current up to 20A or constant voltage up to 500Vdc. The system can be configured and customized for the end user’s requirements to optimize hardware performance.

“In the solid state lighting industry, standards have not been established or defined for testing LED drivers, light engines or light systems. There is no attribute testing on volume manufacturing, no SPC on volume manufacturing, no parametrics, no empirical data, and no traceability. The ASE SSL 3.0 Test System efficiently provides automated production tests to deliver validation and verification of performance,” said John Banks, president of Automation South Electronics.

Test results can be reviewed to monitor the performance of the system and the units under test using the provided results query window. SPC alarms can be set to alert the technician when selected test results are out of control. Manual operation allows the testing of units with different source and load conditions. This can be used for testing during design development and debugging of failed units.

A handheld or fixed barcode scanner can be added to the ASE SSL 3.0 Test System to allow for the entry of the unit identification into the operator interface for warranty tracking.

For more information about the ASE SSL 3.0 Test System, e-mail ASE Test at or go online at

About ASE Test:
ASE Test, a division of Automation South Electronics, provides rapid manufacturing test development, product design verification test development, and test station fabrication to facility/plant requirements. ASE Test systems meet demanding customer needs by improving product production and support, increasing product performance, validating product design and product quality, and reducing time-to-market. Located in Greenville, NC, ASE Test has been in the electronics business since 1985 manufacturing custom robotic automation systems used in printed circuit boards assembly for automotive, defense, medical, telecommunications, lighting, power source and encryption hardware systems. ASE has worked with and consulted to fortune 500 companies, and helped develop test plans for start-ups throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

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Jump-starting the Solar Undead and Improving Returns with Debt

Debt can be one of the most challenging pieces to secure in the capital stack, and especially for solar projects under 1 MW. This is because renewable commercial banks see these deals as too small, regional banks have investment size and tenor limits that make financing difficult if not impossible, and local banks have limited experience with solar

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Epistar and Philips Agree to Cross License LED Die Patents

Epistar of Hsinchu, Taiwan, reports having entered into a patent
cross-license agreement with Philips. Under the terms of the agreement, both
Philips and Epistar grant each other a license to use each other’s patents for
III-V compound semiconductor LED dies including InGaN and AlGaInP LEDs. The
terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“With the …

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US DOE Announces 2013 Outdoor Next Generation Lighting Winners

The Next Generation Luminaires (NGL) Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Design Competition recognized twenty-six commercial LED outdoor lighting products. The winners were announced the evening of February 26, 2014, at Strategies in Light in Santa Clara, California. Compared to NGL winners from previous years, the recognized products showed notable improvement on all …

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