Pension Funds Hold a Key to Renewable Energy Finance

One of the more prominent asset classes that U.S. pension funds invest in is electric utility stocks and bonds. This is because utilities are historically stable businesses, and as a result are suitable for retirement funds precisely because they are generally subject to virtually no market risks from competition. Thus their profits, while not literally guaranteed by a state’s utility governing agency, are nonetheless essentially guaranteed through approved rates of return and rate recovery.

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Wind Safety: Is Your Turbine Up to Industry Standards?

The demand for greater safety in technology is growing worldwide. Proven and tested industrial automation products
— including integrated safety functionality — increases the availability of wind turbine systems and coincidentally meeting stricter safety regulations. Modern safety concepts simplify the integration of fail-safe solutions into wind turbine systems.

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Moving Towards the European Super Grid

The creation of a single European electricity market has been moving in a positive direction. With the EU Electricity Liberalization Directive agreed by all Member States forming the framework of EU energy policy, the overarching goal is for consumers to benefit from an internal market governed by coordinated rules — for the implementation of renewables and development of the electricity network. A market-oriented European energy system also aims to make the most of different types of power generation and to optimize the costs associated with managing, maintaining and evolving the grid infrastructure.

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The Alliance to Save the Bees tackles Syngenta and Bayer at their AGMs

Yesterday, alongside the Europe–wide Alliance to Save the Bees and Agriculture we took a stand against the agrochemical industry. At the annual general meetings (AGMs) of Syngenta and Bayer we made ourselves heard on behalf of the bees, people and the planet. We were there to demand that agrochemical companies withdraw their legal challenge against the temporary ban of their bee-killer pesticides and clear the path to ecological farming practices.

Shareholders attending the AGMs were greeted by beekeepers and environmental activists with brochures which highlight an ongoing pollinator and agriculture crisis. We openly challenged the presidents of the companies within the meetings themselves, together with the representatives of the Alliance to Save the Bees and Agriculture, which consists of more than 50 European beekeeping and farmer associations, environmental and human rights organizations, consumers and slow food groups as well as independent research institutes.

Dead Bees in Germany. A beekeeper shows a handful of dead bees. 05/21/2013 © Fred Dott / Greenpeace

We demanded that Syngenta and Bayer stop the marketing of bee-harming pesticides and, prompted by our questions during the AGM, Syngenta’s CEO acknowledged that the current EU ban of Thiametoxam, a bee-killing pesticide, led to a financial loss in revenue of about 60 mil Euros. Regardless, Syngenta said they will continue to fight the European ban in court claiming it was neither scientifically nor politically and economically justified. The CEO also reiterated that factors not related to industrial agriculture, above all the varroa mite, are the cause of bees decline.

Bayer, Syngenta and BASF continue to promote a broken industrial agriculture system which is failing and increasing our dependency on unnecessary chemical products. They are constantly lobbying the EU and fight for their profits.  Agrochemicals companies perpetuate an addiction to pesticides which is highly dangerous to bee health and food security. They deliberately ignore ecological farming as an alternative solution which can ensure a safe future for agriculture, bees and humans.

Help us make it clear that we see through their blatant profiteering off the risk they pose to the planet. We can all take action and be part of the international movement to save the bees and promote ecological farming by simply signing this petition.

Matthias Wüthrich is an Ecological Farming campaigner and European bees project leader at Greenpeace Switzerland.

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Gushiken Adopts Showa Denko’s New Plant Cultivation Method in Okinawa

Showa Denko (SDK) of Tokyo announced that Gushiken Co., Ltd., a bread maker
of Okinawa, has adopted its proprietary LED lighting equipment and high-speed
plant growth technology (Shigyo Method(TM)). The Shigyo Method, which was
developed jointly by SDK and Yamaguchi University, employs LEDs to irradiate
plants with optimal light wavelengths to accelerate plant growth …

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Cheil Industries to Mass Produce Green Phosphorescent OLED Material

Samsung’s electronics materials affiliate, Cheil Industries, announced its
plans to mass-produce a key raw material for organic LEDs that the company has
been developing for two years. Cheil asserts that the development of a host
material for green phosphorescent organic LEDs is a first for a Korean company.
The material reportedly allows display pixels …

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LumiThera Awarded LSDF Grant

LumiThera Inc., a Seattle, Washington-based company focused on developing
non-invasive LED-based treatment for ocular disorders and disease, has received
the Washington State Life Sciences Discovery Award (LSDF) grant. LumiThera is 1
of 5 LSDF grant recipients of $250,000 each for proof of concept studies.

According to LSDF executive director, John Derosier, LSDF created the …

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ADI’s iConic 60 Stage Screen Debuted at Brighton Marathon

At the Brighton Marathon, ADI’s iCONIC 60 Stage served as the primary source of entertainment and engagement in the specially-constructed Beach Village. The event employed three other ADI iCONIC screens. ADI combined a larger stage and screen size than competing products for a self-contained and cost-effective, and flexible LED stage …

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