8 Interesting Facts About Solar Power

A ridiculous amount of interesting facts and statistics surround the solar industry, and every time I write one of these posts, I fall more deeply in love with solar power.  What a first-class industry to be in – renewable energy, saving money, saving the planet….yeah, those things are important, and I’m always happy to share facts and statistics w

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Gigahertz-Optik Product Launch at LpS 2014 – Fast, Accurate and Flexible – Spectral Color Measurement Technology

Some of the outstanding features of this new light meter include:
•    Electronic shutter for measurement times between 2µs and 4s
•    Back thinned CCD array with high sensitivity
•    Fast data read out – 7ms for a complete data record via LAN interface
•    Precise measurement data in photometric and colorimetric quantities
•    Standard filter wheel (4 positions: open/closed/OD1/OD2)
•    Trigger inputs and outputs for timed synchronization
•    High calibration stability through a COS diffuser window instead of flexible light guides
•    Compact and sturdy design for flexible system integration
•    Software development kit for easy software implementation

Gigahertz-Optik offers a wide range of complementary products for this cutting-edge measurement device. These include integrating spheres, luminous intensity attachments and goniometers. These complementary products enable adaptation of the measurement device to the common measurement geometries.

The powerful user software makes the BTS2048-VL an ideal, high-quality spectral light meter for applications in a measurement laboratory.  

For detailed information on this measurement device, see:

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BQ Ceramics Launches Polar Light at LpS 2014 – Enabling High Power LED in Compact Spaces

BQ Polar Light allows LEDs to be placed in direct contact with the ceramic coated aluminum PCB. The concept provides superior thermal conductivity, whereby the heat generated directly underneath the High Power LEDs is very effectively dissipated to the ambient, resulting in a junction temperature that is up to 30°C lower than on a traditional MC-PCB.

The BQ Polar Light reduces the number of components in the light engine. Fewer components means less material and fewer assembly steps. Combining these aspects, Polar Light enables applications that need more light emitted from compact spaces, offering design flexibility at lower cost.
The Polar Light technology also enables BQ Ceramics to be a very flexible partner for manufacturers of lighting applications to custom design, prototype and manufacture new products in small series and short time-to-market.

BQ Ceramics CEO Roderik Höppener comments: “We believe that LED technology is widening the spectrum of possibilities to design light and apply light for specific purposes. BQ Ceramics wants to be the partner of choice to enable the combination of brighter light from compact form factors with lower material consumption. To achieve this we combine our Polar Light superior thermal conductivity with our fast and flexible prototyping capabilities. We trust that, after our launch at LED Professional Symposium, people will understand that BQ Ceramics means: LED made Custom, Compact and Cool!!”

For more information please see: www.bqceramics.com

About BQ Ceramics:
BQ Ceramics is your partner in custom design, prototyping and manufacturing of high power LED engines. Our Polar Light Heat Sinks offer superior heat conductivity with minimal form factor, enabling you to design for high brightness within compact spaces. BQ Ceramics’ 25 years expertise, flexibility and innovative technology shorten your time to market:LED made Custom, Compact and Cool!

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Auer Lighting Product Launch at LpS 2014 – Light Guides Made from Suprax® 8488 Borosilicate Glass

Especially with high-power LEDs, temperatures easily can exceed the maximum operating temperatures of plastic materials like acrylic, PC, and even silicone.

Damaged PMMA-light guide Beyond its supreme thermal stability, our borosilicate glass SUPRAX® 8488 offers low thermal expansion and zero water absorption allowing for precise light guidance along difficult environmental conditions.

Auer Lighting offers customized light guides as well as standard solutions. All light guides can be offered with our unique μ-treat technology further improving light distribution and color mixing.

Other surface features offered include:
· Polished input/output aperture
· Coatings: AR, UV, color correction
· Mounting flange

Please talk to us, visit our booth no. A 21 during LpS 2014.

About Auer Lighting GmbH:
Auer Lighting GmbH, founded 1948 in Lower Saxony/Germany, is the world’s leading manufacturer and innovator of glass optical components for the lighting industry. Auer Lighting has its own optical design software and specialized equipment to produce the full range of refractive and reflective LED glass optics.

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Microgrid Economics: It Takes a Village, a University, and a Ship

As a businessman exploring investments, I need simple answers, however complicated the problem. I wish to know: Are microgrids economical? How much investment is needed and for what? What are the factors that principally affect profitability, within the system and in the environment? If microgrids are not profitable at the present, when will they be? I recognize that understanding microgrids as a system requires complicated mathematics and modeling. I’m sympathetic to and respect those who do that.

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Solar PV Installations Quintuple Across K-12 Schools

Recent findings from The Solar Foundation (TSF) show an encouraging surge in the number of K-12 schools installing solar power to save money, reduce carbon emissions, and introduce a new generation of children to the very practical benefits of renewable energy.

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FYI, Geothermal Industry: You’re Doing It Wrong

For years the geothermal industry has relentlessly boasted that it is a baseload resource, meaning it provides stable power similar to a coal or natural gas plant, except without all of those pesky carbon emissions. While upfront costs to develop a plant are higher than other renewable sources, geothermal leaders say that this baseload aspect makes it a more attractive resource in the long run since the grid needs more stable power as increasing amounts of intermittent renewables enter the landscape.

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A leader, a polar bear, and the shock of recognition

President Anote Tong of the Pacific Island nation Kiribati visits the retreating high Arctic glacier Nordenskioldbreen, on Svalbard. 09/18/2014 © Christian Åslund / Greenpeace

We had only been on the rock next to the melting Nordenskiöld glacier for a few minutes when I looked up and saw a white furry head looking down at me from a cliff 60 meters away.

Polar bear at the retreating high Arctic glacier Nordenskioldbreen, on Svalbard. 09/18/2014 © Christian Åslund / GreenpeaceOur polar guide, who had scouted the area in advance and given clearance was startled and screamed: “Back to the boats! Polar bear!” Most of the crew were intimidated, some panicked but I did not feel any sense of threat. I had come a long way from home in the warm Pacific to this part of the world in the Arctic but I felt that this polar bear was reaching out to me, welcoming me to his environment!

He laid peacefully up on the cliff just looking down on me and as I gazed into his eyes I felt a connection, as if we shared something in common – that our future survival on this planet would depend on our ability to arrest the escalating pace of climate change.

My home country Kiribati is a series of beautiful atoll islands which are very low lying and highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, particularly that of sea level rise. According to the projections of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, the sea level will rise between 0.6 to 1.0m within the century, a scenario which means that much of our islands would be under water.

But in reality we are already feeling the impacts of climate change resulting in the displacement of some of our communities with others to follow soon as serious coastal inundation and contamination of the fresh water lens becomes more frequent and more severe.

Aerial View of Tarawa Island in Kiribati. 07/12/2014 © Christian Åslund / Greenpeace

Whether we like it or not the reality is that some if not most of our population will have to be relocated beyond our borders as these impacts become even more severe as time goes on. We have already started to plan for this eventuality formulating strategies that will see those of our people who choose to do so, to migrate with dignity.

My visit to the Arctic is to witness first-hand the source of what is affecting my country and to understand the connection between the melting of these massive sheets of ice and the rise in sea level in our part of the world.

It is a wonderful experience to be here but also a little bit intimidating. I was fascinated by the beauty of the environment but I could also feel the sheer arrogance and uncompromising nature of the harsh landscape. It struck me that whoever had created all of this had intended that it should all be in balance and any disturbance of that harmony in the system would have disastrous consequences for all in it.

Climate change is a problem that requires a global solution. And it is a problem that requires remarkable global leadership if it is to be adequately addressed.

In spite of the unequivocal scientific information available, many people and governments remain unprepared to take the measures necessary to mitigate the impacts of climate change; perhaps not until they believe their own world is being threatened.

But to imagine that these massive ice sheets in the Arctic regions have already begun to melt, as stated in more recent reports, gives me serious cause for concern for the Polar ice as an immense system and unlikely ever to be reversible. The consequences for countries like Kiribati and other low lying countries and cities worldwide would be unimaginable – it would be a disaster of unprecedented proportions.

As I looked back to where the polar bear was laying before, leaving the glacier I thought to myself “Is this our shared destiny? Is this to be the end of our world?”

President Anote Tong of Kiribati in the Arctic. 09/17/2014 © Christian Åslund / GreenpeaceAnote Tong is the President of Kiribati.



Join the millions who believe in protecting the Arctic, visit SaveTheArctic.org

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The Next Big Push for LED Lighting — Ease of Use

Granted, a light has
historically been as simple as ‘on’ and ‘off’. Fancy ones had ‘dim’. If you’re
a luminaire manufacture that has been technologically stumped by the last one,
it’s a fair bet the rest of what’s coming is going to be a bit confusing. Fortunately,
the other 99% …

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