3rd International LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS 2013) – Event Video


Luger Research e.U., the organizer of LpS 2013, announced a new attendance record with increased international visitors and exhibitors. The positive feedback from visitors, attendees, exhibitors and organizations confirm the importance of the event for the lighting industry. According to the event survey up to 93% of the visitors will be attending the LpS event in 2014. Almost 60% of all visitors were from manufacturing companies, over 10% were from distributors, about 8% came from engineering and design services and around 5% came from universities. The largest percentile of visitors was made up of executive and corporate managers (20%), followed by research and development engineers (17%), then distributors and sales people (14%) and finally, application engineers (4%).

via LED-professional http://www.led-professional.com/resources-1/webinars/lps-2013-event-video

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