7 Green ways to watch the World Cup

Greenpeace activists are in Croatia preparing a screening of a football game between Croatia and Brazil, the first game of World Cu
Photo: Greenpeace activists are in Croatia preparing a screening of a football game between Croatia and Brazil, the first game of World Cup. 

So like most of us, you also couldn’t make it to Brazil to enjoy the global football fest in person?

Well, take comfort in the fact that you are not contributing to the carbon emissions of traveling to Brazil to catch the games! Here are some tips for how to enjoy a greener world cup while watching on TV and online.

Bored by the whole thing, then skip straight to #7!

1 The TV is one of the biggest energy users in your home and you’ll like be spending many more hours watching TV than normal during the World Cup, so invite your neighbours and nearby friends to enjoy games together in front of one TV.

2. Enjoy the big games together at your local bar, café, club or World Cup party. A World Cup game is better together and better for the climate too!

3. Want to celebrate or vent your frustrations online or discuss big incidents like the Suarez “bite”? Facebook and Google+ score for sustainability on renewable energy use, but Twitter deserves to see red for using dirty coal. Tell @Twitter you want to #clickclean

4. If you’re watching highlights online or games on internet TV check out if your provider is using renewable energy. Youtube is a good green choice and other providers are increasingly switching renewable energy like BT and Sky in the UK and KPN in the Netherlands. Contact your provider to follow these green energy leaders.

5. Lucky enough to have solar on your roof? Why not combine with tip number one for a solar powered World Cup party to enjoy the game and show off the benefits of solar power in your neighbourhood?

6. Is your team already out, like England? As well as cheering on your second favourite team get inspired by football clubs and stadiums already investing in renewable energy, like 4,200 solar panels on Ajax’s Arena Stadium, 8,000 panels on the Kaohsiung National Stadium in Taiwan. In the UK Middlesbrough football club is installing a wind turbine to provide all the power for the stadium. Get active to encourage your local sports club or favourite football team to consider going green.

7. Hate football? Bored by the whole thing? There’s plenty of things to do while others are watching the games.

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