Aurora’s Emergency T8 LED Tubes Remove Risk of Electrical Shock

Unlike fluorescent lamps which unnecessarily output 360o light, Aurora’s LED lamps produce light from 130o ensuring all produced light is utilised as opposed to being directed back into the fitting as with standard fluorescent tubes. Rotatable end caps also allow the lamp to be directed towards where the light is required. (See diagram)

Available in all T8 standard lamp lengths delivering up to 95lm/W, the tubes carry a 5 year guarantee and offer a lamp life of 50,000 hours, to 70% lumen maintenance. Supplied with frosted diffuser, colour temperatures of 4000K and 6500K are available as well as an emergency option.

To retrofit, simply remove the existing fluorescent starter switch and replace the supplied LED lamp starter with AU-T8STR LED starter. Solid pins prevent breakage during installation. For maximum energy saving, also disconnect the magnetic ballast.

RoHS approved and tested in accordance with IEC 62471 for the photobiological safety of lamps, tubes are flicker free. Each delivers an average of 80 lumens per Watt and 70% lumen maintenance to 50,000 hours.

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About Aurora:
The Aurora Group is a vertically integrated, global manufacturer and distributor, specialising in LED lighting across all four elements: power, control, lamps, and luminaires.  Today, Aurora have a presence on every continent and employ more than 850 people at our 23 international facilities dedicated to R&D, manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing to over 40 countries. Over 800,000sq ft. of state-of-the-art, integrated manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and the UK design, engineer, assemble and test thousands of innovative lighting solutions for global markets.

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