Bender & Wirth Introduces Ultra Low Profile LED Connection Cystem

The system includes:
•    board-to-board connector (425) for space-saving connection of PCBs
•    feede r(424) as wire-to-board connector
•    SMD pins (423) belted in pairs for automatic SMD mounting

The feeder 424 serves as wire-to-board connector. The wires are welded to the contact element and provide a very robust and reliable connection. Cable type and length can be modified.

The connectors are easily assembled from the top onto the preinstalled SMD pins (423). The solderless connection allows efficient assemble processes and easy maintenance in the field.

The system is available in a two-pole version with a pitch of 5mm.

About Bender & Wirth:
Bender & Wirth GmbH & Co. was founded in 1899 and serves the international lighting industry with high quality, electric connecting systems. As a system supplier for the lighting industry Bender & Wirth acquired highest expertise in resistance welding and hence became the quality leader in this sector.

via LED-professional

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