CCI Announces Breakthrough Power Supply Technology for Phase Cut LED Dimming

DimMaster™ LED power supply technology enables retrofitted LED’s to match the full color and dimming spectrum of incandescent lighting for architectural, theater, church, stadium, studio, and other high performance lighting applications. The new technology enables CCI’s power supplies to work with autotransformer, rheostat, thryristor and IGBT dimmers to support both older and newer dimming formats.

“In response to growing market demands, our R&D has been working on this technology breakthrough for several years,” said Terri Montante, President and CEO of the company. “Soon, venue owners, designers and producers can transition to a new generation of dimmable LED lighting fixtures driven by DimMaster™ LED power supply technology. They will at last be able to sustain the high performance lighting traits they have become accustomed to with incandescent, but with all the cost saving advantages of LED. They can make this transition as their budgets allow.”

See the DimMaster™ technology demo video:

About CCI Power Supplies, LLC:
CCI Power Supplies, LLC specializes in the custom design, engineering and manufacturing of power supplies and ballasts for high performance power conversion applications. In the realms of architectural, theater, stage and studio lighting, CCI’s technologies support the world’s leading developers of high performance lamps, lighting fixtures and lighting systems.

via LED-professional

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