Cooledge Lighting Adds Square – an Advanced Light Sheet Version – to the Portfolio

Square is a complete lighting product that can be sized for virtually any installation in three ways:
•    Multiple Square can be snapped together to expand the area that will be lit
•    Square is flexible and can be wrapped around a column or curved surface
•    Square can be trimmed to length with a pair of scissors, even while lit

“Part of our vision for lighting is to keep implementation ‘kindergarten simple'” said David Kriebel, vice president of sales and marketing for Cooledge. “The Edison screw base and two-pin fluorescent solutions have made installing a bulb easy but did nothing to change the shape or possibilities of how lighting is applied. Square is so ‘plug and play’ simple that a child could snap it together.”

Regardless of installation method, Square can be as close as two-inches to a diffuser material (cloth, onyx, plastic, etc.) and provide a smooth, uniform appearance without spots, stripes or color variation.

Together with Light Sheet, the company is redefining what is required to form a luminaire and freeing architects and lighting designers from bulb and tube form factors. Installations at the New Coach store on Central Park West and the TopShop flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City are great examples of how these new form factors can be used to create beautifully lit effects.

Square, Light Sheet and their application can be seen at the LEDucation 9 on March 5th and 6th in stand M1.

For additional information, please visit and the related Square microsite, or dowload the Technical Data Sheet and Specification Sheet directly.

About Cooledge Lighting:
Cooledge Lighting is a pioneer in scalable lighting products that can be easily designed into a building by architects and lighting designers and simply installed by builders and contractors without specialized knowledge or training. The privately held company is based in Vancouver, Canada with offices and operations in the United States and Germany.
The company’s Light Sheet and Square products are UL Listed and use extremely efficient white LEDs to provide a smooth and uniform lit effect when installed. Each is thin, just 0.1 inch thick, and flexible, like a sheet of paper, so that it can be bent, draped or shaped around and in architectural elements.

via LED-professional

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