EDC and Code Mercenaries Present Solutions for Intelligent Light Design at LpS 2015

Combining the EDC LL324 intelligent LED driver with the Codemercs LED-Warrior12 four channel DALI slave controller results in a very flexible lighting solution.

The LL324 is a microcontroller with four integrated switch mode regulators, allowing the design of efficient and intelligent constant current LED drivers. Being programmable allows it to be adapted to many lighting applications.

LED-Warrior12 is a DALI slave controller with four channels which provides PWM signals as well as an I2C interface to access the data from the DALI bus. In the combination with the LL324 the LED-Warrior12 handles the DALI protocol and offloads that task from the LED-driver.

EDC and Code Mercenaries will also present additional solutions for intelligent lighting at the LED Professional Symposium in Bregenz, booth E22

Code Mercenaries Hard- und Software GmbH www.codemercs.com
EDC Electronic Design Chemnitz GmbH www.ed-chemnitz.de

via LED-professional http://ift.tt/1OyqaUy

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