Edison Opto Introduces EdiPower Special Light Series

For bakery lighting applications, Edison’s Aroma LED (2400K) presents champagne gold color which can help to emphasize the luster of bread, cheese and wine, making food looks more tasty and attractive. Moreover, Edison Opto also develops special phosphor proportion to emit deep pink light (Ruby LED) which can enhance the red in fresh meat and flowers. EdiPower HM Ruby LED is the best choice of supermarket and flower shop.

LED lighting can not only enhance the appearance color of food and clothes but also beautify the human skin. Edison Opto launches Mela LED which can bring out the rosy luster of natural skin. Featuring high CRI (up to 90), EdiPower HM Mela LED is the perfect match for beauty makeup lighting.



  • Provides wide range of special lighting solutions which can enhance the visual appeal of merchandise effectively
  • High CRI: brings out the actual luster of objects
  • Especially suitable for colorful accent lighting



  • Snowhite–Clothing store
  • Aroma–Bakery
  • Ruby–Supermarket and flower shop
  • Mela–Beauty makeup shop

via LED-professional http://ift.tt/1pWxizb

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