Epistar Lab has Released the Infrared (850nm) Product with High Photoelectric Efficiency


Recently EPISTAR LAB has made an amazing improvement on the infrared products and set new records in the LED industry. According to the latest data shown below, the infrared product SFPN42 (chip size 1x1mm² ) achieved wall plug efficiency of 75% with an operating current of 40mA and of greater than 70% at 350mA; the power even exceeds 1W and has reached 1027mW with the operating current of 1A. Such an impressed efficiency development made LED chip more energy saving and eco friendly. This has also made EPISTAR the pioneer in LED research and design domain.
Now the infrared products are mostly adopted in the security monitor, smart touch panel and wireless communication systems. In the future, Epistar wishes to promote the products to other high potential market to keep the competitive strength of its valued customers.

via LED-professional http://ift.tt/1eHw1EE

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