Expanded Oree Product Suite Offers Plug-and-Play Design for LED Lighting

As a result of the recent partnership agreement with Phihong Technologies Ltd (Taiwan) Oree has added two dedicated drivers (LDP2, LDP4), developed by Phihong, to its LightCell Plus product portfolio. In addition, dedicated connection cables and an installation guide covering the various system configurations (LightCell version, CCT, driver and power supply wiring schemes) are now available for lighting fixture manufacturers and designers.

Mechanical enhancements have also been made to the LightCell Plus range. It is now offered with a frame that tightens the remote phosphor film to the lightguide and gives further protection of the LightCells to potential external mechanical force. The visual appearance is such that the product simplicity perception is enhanced by these changes. Locking connectors have also been added for improved strength and reliability.

“Oree’s new complete system offering for the LightCell Plus range is in direct response to feedback we’ve received from our customers. It will surely reduce fixture development time and time to market, as we now provide all the building blocks for an optimal LED lighting system,” said Dirk Pieter Smedema, VP of Sales and Marketing for Oree. “By improving the look and feel of our product, we have further enhanced the quality of the lighting fixtures using the LightCell.”

About Oree:
Oree develops, manufactures and sells innovative LED planar light sources based upon a product concept called LightCell™. Oree’s technology addresses the needs of the general lighting market, enabling thin and efficient illumination of large areas. Oree’s patented technology allows general lighting manufacturers to significantly increase system efficiency and dramatically reduce the cost of LED-based systems. For more information visit: www.oree-inc.com.

via LED-professional http://www.led-professional.com/products/led-modules-led-light-engines/expanded-oree-product-suite-offers-plug-and-play-design-for-led-lighting

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