Fischer Elektronik Offers a Sample Case for LED Heatsinks

For the special purpose of verifying the thermal management for LEDs, Fischer Elektronik is bringing a new sample case onto the market with the article number SK LED BOX 1. This includes a product range with different extrusion heat sinks, round shaped LED heat sinks, LED pin-fin heat sinks and extrusion heat sinks for LED line modules. For the thermal contact or mounting the LEDs, a thermal conductive graphite foil (WLFG), a double adhesive thermal conductive ceramic filled (WLFT), thermal adhesive paste (WLPK), a thermal adhesive foil and a thermally conductive two-component adhesive epoxy base (WLK DK) are also included.

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About Fischer Elektronik:
Fischer Elektronik is a leading producer of thermal management solutions for the whole electronic industry. High Power LED applications are our latest field of activities with all our almost 40 years of experience in the background. On the edge of this new technology, we can give support right from the start with the knowledge of our application engineers and as well as with our sophisticated 3D simulation and drawing programmes. Our core capabilities: – all articles in standard or customs design versions available – own surface treatment facilities – wide standard programme (more than 700 profiles) of extruded heatsinks – machining according to customers request – heatsinks for LED, cooling aggregates and thermally conductive foils. We also have a large selection of connectors for PC boards that is complemented by a diverse range of casings with functional designs. In addition to standard catalogue items, we also provide customer-specific solutions in all areas.

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