Gigahertz-Optik Product Launch at LpS 2014 – Fast, Accurate and Flexible – Spectral Color Measurement Technology

Some of the outstanding features of this new light meter include:
•    Electronic shutter for measurement times between 2µs and 4s
•    Back thinned CCD array with high sensitivity
•    Fast data read out – 7ms for a complete data record via LAN interface
•    Precise measurement data in photometric and colorimetric quantities
•    Standard filter wheel (4 positions: open/closed/OD1/OD2)
•    Trigger inputs and outputs for timed synchronization
•    High calibration stability through a COS diffuser window instead of flexible light guides
•    Compact and sturdy design for flexible system integration
•    Software development kit for easy software implementation

Gigahertz-Optik offers a wide range of complementary products for this cutting-edge measurement device. These include integrating spheres, luminous intensity attachments and goniometers. These complementary products enable adaptation of the measurement device to the common measurement geometries.

The powerful user software makes the BTS2048-VL an ideal, high-quality spectral light meter for applications in a measurement laboratory.  

For detailed information on this measurement device, see:

via LED-professional

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