Goodbye Cables – PRIMESYM, ALANOD’s Easier and Quicker System Approach

LED luminaires are simplified
Due to the electronic components used, LED luminaire design is highly complex. That’s where ALANOD’s expert team came in and started to search for ways to simplify the design and make production more streamlined. The result is PRIMESYM where conductor paths are attached to an aluminium sheet equipped with a reflector surface in a patented process. The conductor paths are permanently combined with a thermally stable thermoplastic adhesive film which also serves as an insulator.

Subsequently, the raw material can be processed like a normal reflector sheet. PRIMESYM’s modular structure enables further customised conductor paths to be added, which can then be used as control lines. It is possible for luminaire systems which are structured this way to be VDE approved. The manufacturer can then continue to use familiar production processes, and PRIMESYM can be stored as bulk stock until final production. What’s more, fewer parts and components are involved in the production process.

ALANOD’s expert team has also created solutions for adding heat sinks, though the aluminium sheet in itself guarantees very good heat dissipation. At the same time, ALANOD’s expertise in surface technology also means high quality for the manufacturer. With proven surfaces such as MIRO® and MIRO-SILVER®, high efficiency of the entire system as well as reliable light guiding and glare reduction can be achieved.

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