Green Creative Releases New PL Edge Series Vertical DIRect and BYPass LED Lamps

“At Green Creative we pride ourselves on making products that seamlessly blend innovative design with the latest in LED technology,” says Marketing Manager, Matt Leonard. “Our new PL V DIR is a great example of this as it combines an original fully round design with a cutting-Edge ballast smart control system.”

The PL V 11W DIR and PL V 11W DIR HIGH CRI lamps are compatible with 13W, 18W, 26W, 32W and 42W electronic programmed start ballasts so no rewiring is required during installation. These lamps also feature ballast smart control technology which allows for high performance on lower powered ballasts. The PL V 11W DIR HIGH CRI features a typical CRI 92, R9 71 and R13 94, providing crisp and vibrant colors across the whole spectrum. Both PL V DIR versions are compatible with G24q and GX24q (4-pin) installations.

The PL V 11W BYP lamp requires bypassing the ballast during installation and runs directly off line voltage to eliminate compatibility problems, incidental power loss, lifetime issues, and maintenance costs associated with ballasts. The PL V BYP lamp is compatible with G24d, GX24d, G24q and GX24q (2/4-pin) installations.

All PL V lamps turn on instantly and last 40,000 hours. The PL V DIR is available in 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, 4000 K and 5000 K CCT, the PL V BYP is available in 3500 K and 4000 K and the PL V DIR HIGH CRI is available in 3000 K CCT.

Detailed information and data sheet for the PL V 11W DIR is available here:
Detailed information and data sheet for the PL V 11W DIR HIGH CRI is available here:
Detailed information and data sheet for the PL V 11W BYP is available here:

About Green Creative:
Green Creative is a major solid state lighting development and manufacturing company based in the Bay Area, CA. The company specializes in retrofit lighting for the commercial market, offering a comprehensive line of LED lighting solutions. Green Creative is fully integrated with strong R&D capabilities to constantly offer the latest technology available. For more information on Green Creative please visit

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