Honglitronic Expands High-Power LED Series for Stage Lighting

COB-Series (chip on board led), China’s First Innovated COB Light Source for Stage Lighting, patented Product. The COB-RGBW (90W), innovative 4 in 1 Triangular RGBW chip layout, independently controllable light mixture of four primary color is achievable. Rich color, high brightness, even light distribution, soft and continuous lighting. Using aluminum substrate with high thermal conductivity as well as separated thermoelectric packaging structure, it makes the products to have excellent heat dissipation performance. Also, the mechanical dimensions of the product design interface can match the common heat sink and optical reflector in the market.

High Power Emitter LED K-Series: RGBW, RGBA, RGBWA for stage lighting. Compared with the traditional RGB lighting source, this series of lighting source is added with white color or amber color, which makes the color combination richer, color gamut wider, luminous flux higher, and easy dimmable.
White color, which is made through glue-dispensing forming process can meet requirement of multiple color temperature section. Using compact chip layout and special color dispensing process, can achieve well-mixed light. Heat dissipation performance and reliability has been optimized. It can meet requirement of increasing high luminous flux density, diversifying stage lighting effect and enhancing the visibility extendable sense.

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About Honglitronic:
Honglitronic, as a leading manufacturer of LED package in China, never give up pursuing excellence. Our R&D team set up a comprehensive product tracking and technical support, to provide our customer a professional stage lighting application solution. The launch of first innovated COB stage lighting source brings us amazing surprises, as it enables to meet various stage lighting requirements, including front light, top light, side light, back light, lateral light, follow light. It is our COB stage light sources that make light dances, with its colorful presence.

via LED-professional http://www.led-professional.com/products/leds_led_modules/honglitronic-expands-high-power-led-series-for-stage-lighting

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