How do you #getupand change the world? Like this:

What does it take to make the global shift away from dirty energy sources, like coal, oil, gas and nuclear? How do we ensure the protection of our precious ecosystems, like our forests and our oceans?

We know that clean, renewable energy, like wind and solar are the only way forward. How do we get there?

It starts with us.

Too many politicians are either unwilling, too slow to act, or just get in the way. You can rest assured that the businesses that are plundering our oceans and forests for profit won’t change their tune. You also know that conglomerates that are desperately driving forward their old-fashioned energy sources are not going sacrifice profit for energy independence.

Progress doesn’t start with them. It ends with them.

Each one of us has the courage to drive innovation and creativity forward despite the obstacles put in our path by people who are satisfied with the growing threats to our health and our Earth’s climate.

This past weekend saw the first Global day of Action. It showcased the solidarity of millions of diverse people across the globe who have the courage to stand against unsustainable energies and threatened ecosystems. It was also a celebration of the easy, available and immediate solution: clean, renewable energy.

In Belgium people like you and me took a stand against nuclear.

‘GetUpAnd’ Global Day of Action in Belgium. 05/31/2015 © Greenpeace / Jérome Peraya

In Jordan they know that renewable energy, like wind and solar, are the only way forward.

Greenpeace activists are joined by 60 other volunteers, at an event to mark the 'GetUpAnd' Day of Action in Amman, Jordan. 05/30/2015 © Greenpeace / Mo'awia Bajis

They know it in Spain too, where they threw pillows in the air reading “Get Up And Ask For Renewables Now”.

‘GetUpAnd’ Global Day of Action in Spain. 05/30/2015 © Pablo Blazquez / Greenpeace

In Israel, hundreds of football fans and volunteers raised awareness of the Ofer family’s dangerous oil interests.

GetUpAnd’ Global Day of Action in Israel. 05/30/2015

In Indonesia they asked President Jokowi to listen to the people and “Stop Dirty Energy”.

'GetUpAnd' Global Day of Action in Indonesia. 05/30/2015 © Yudhi Mahatma / Greenpeace

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of ways people around the world are standing for what they believe in. And they are not alone. All you have to do is look around you.

This is just the beginning. There are two more days of action leading up to the Paris climate talks. They are on September 26th and November 29th.

Where will you be when we make our voices heard again?

Watch this space to find out.

Arin de Hoog is a content editor with Greenpeace International

via Greenpeace news

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