Human-Focused Outdoor Illumination: Trade-Off Between Pleasing Color and Circadian Action, by the Vilnius University

A smart RGBA solid-state light engine with tunable correlated color temperature (CCT) and high-fidelity color rendition was applied for the validation of the Kruithof hypothesis in several outdoor environments. Subjects were asked to find the most “pleasing” illumination conditions by performing a CCT adjustment. Maintaining constant illuminance, the mean selected CCT was found to increase from about 3000±200 K at 5 lx to about 3500±250 K at 50 lx almost independently of the content of the viewed scene. Dr. Pranciškus Vitta, Head of Lighting and Electronics System Lab at the Vilnius University shows that this increase is statistically significant and provides qualitative validation of the Kruithof hypothesis in outdoor environments, but with the intervals of CCT for
“pleasing” illumination, it is substantially broader and shifted to higher values.

via LED-professional

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