Incandescent 60 Watt Light Bulbs selling like hot cakes

60wattincandIn the supermarket today I saw these bulbs flying off the shelves (60W filament will be banned in Oct 2014).

Remarkably people still desire these filament bulbs as they want instant light!   Obviously they don’t know about LED bulbs which are actually cheaper, zero cost after 6 months of use when compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs. Bringing the corporate spend to save buzzwords to the home, an amazing return on your initial investment better than an ISA or Solar panels.

Unlike other energy products LED bulbs are instant bright.

If everyone in the UK used LEDs instead of halogens or filament bulbs there would be less of a business case for  more power plants in the UK, 90% of the energy needed to light Britain would no longer be required.

As we all know you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

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