Italian Lighting Designers Network and Assodel Let the Milan Design Week Shine

Within this exciting frame, since 2010 the north-east area of the city has been transformed into Ventura Lambrate, a design district where a selection of international debuting and established designers, institutions and companies have the opportunity to present their ideas and solutions. At its 5th edition, Ventura Lambrate will take place from 8th – 13th April 2014, covering an area of 13,000 sqm and forecasts to attract more than 80,000 visitors.

The Smart Light Laboratory:
LED lighting will play an important role in Ventura Lambrate 2014. The Italian Lighting Designers network, together with Assodel (the Italian Association of Electronics Components including LEDs), presents LedLab. Its aim is to create a laboratory where it will be possible to taste and feel the benefits coming from LED lighting.

NaturaLed is the specific “lighting path” which will guide people through the wonders of the interaction between man and nature. In this sort of dialogue, the variable light, in a combined detection of intensity and chromatic contours, changes the dimension and the perception of the living space.

NaturaLed is articulated into 4 installations:
1. Leaves on the wall: Like a forest growing on the wall, where NaturaLed begins, attracting people from the different areas of the city to the place where the installation is situated.
2. Underbrush: The iridescent vegetation growing beneath the ground leads to the experience room, focal point of NaturaLed.
3. How Old Are you? The first installation of the experience room, the power of light reveals itself: how the looks of an individual’s face can change in different settings, depending on the direction and color of the light.
4. Daylight Interaction: This is the room where the light takes shape. The installation creates a stimulating “natural” light that enhances people’s sense of well-being, like the sunlight that changes intensity and colour throughout the day.

Partners of the initiative: Clay Paky, DGA, iMoon, Luxia e Reggiani Illuminazione.
Together with the Italian Lighting Designers’ installations, LedLab will present a gallery of LED products.

via LED-professional

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