LeDiamond Announces Continuous Double Side Emitting LED Module

Tesla 4003 2in1 can be applied to design ultra-thin double side emitting lighting fixtures due to its uninterrupted light emitting area with quick assembly and reliable performance.

There is no dark area between the LEDs, hence it allows to reduce the distance between LED module and diffuser. Using Tesla 4003 2in1 in ultra-thin lighting fixtures eliminates the weakness of spots that occur in traditional PLCC modules.

The light output of each module is 500 lm @ 12 V with 350 mA. The image shows an example using 4 pieces of 4003 modules with WAGO connectors to extend the module length which leads to an overall light output of 2000 lm.

For more information, please visit LeDiamond Opto or contact alanhsiao@lediamond-opto.com.tw

LeDiamond Opto Corp:
LeDiamond Opto Corporation is committed to develop high-efficiency LED components and light sensor components, with White reaching 180 lm/W @ 5700 K (CRI70), and Warm White 160 lm/W @ 2700K (CRI80) which have already gone into mass production.  LeDiamond’s R&D team has many years of practical experience in LED packaging and can quickly focus on customer product needs and provide solutions to shorten customer development process to reach a win-win strategy with customers.

via LED-professional http://ift.tt/1CIbJaL

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