LeDiamond Opto Expands Double Side Emitting LED Product Portfolio

Tesla 1010 can be applied to design lighting fixture by using lens or reflectors to perform different angles in lighting output up and down with reliable performance. It can be easily used for secondary optical design and the required heat sink space is smaller with no limitation in apply to lamp appearance.

Single LED module performs double side emitting light output with advantages in easy assembly, smaller dimension of required heat sink and low production wage.

The lighting output of each module is 2 W / 300lm @ 14 V / 150 mA without heat sink, and 4.5W / 500 lm @ 15 V / 300mA with heat sink. One Tesla 1010 replaced two pieces of traditional COB with performing in same luminance, but spends lower power (Watt).

For more information, please contact alanhsiao@lediamond-opto.com.tw or visit the LeDiamond Opto website at http://ift.tt/1oa3pKX

About LeDiamond Opto Corporation:

LeDiamond Opto Corporation is committed to develop high-efficiency LED components and light sensor components, with White reaching 180 lm/W @ 5700 K (CRI70), and Warm White 160 lm/W @ 2700K (CRI80) which have already gone into mass production.  LeDiamond’s R&D team has many years of practical experience in LED packaging and can quickly focus on customer product needs and provide solutions to shorten customer development process to reach a win-win strategy with customers.

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