LG Innotek Announces Mass Production of UV LED with World Class Output

LG Innotek has successfully developed 560mW at 365nm wavelength UV LED chip with 37% enhanced output while maintaining 6mm square compact dimension. The company’s propriety Epi growth and vertical LED chip technologies can make it possible in only 5 month.

This UV LED chip is expected to shorten process time as its throughput has improved or more in hardening and light exposure. It will also reduce cost as the number of LED packages mounted on equipment will be minimized.

Meanwhile, LG Innotek plans to expand its market by introducing a UV LED portfolio of diverse wavelengths and sizes. The company has developed products optimized for diverse applications, including 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, and 405nm UV LED chips used for general industrial applications, and 280nm UV LED chip used on sterilization or medical equipment.

The company’s UV LED chip sales in 2014 will grow more than three times over the preceding year by selling more highly reliable high-output UV LED chips.

“UV LED technology can be seen a criterion for its company’s LED technology” said the company official, and “We have a plan to produce 365nm wavelength UV LED with maximize its output up to 600mW and continue to its position as an industry leader.”

LG Innotek will introduce this newly developed 365nm UV LED chip at UV LED Summit 2014 that is a UV LED specialized exhibition being held at Hotel Prima, Cheongdam-dong, GangNam-Gu, Seoul on 18th.

Yole Report published by a French market research agency forecast the UV LED market that was 64.1 billion Krw in 2013 will grow nearly twice to 94.8 billion Krw in 2014 and 134.1 billion Krw in 2015. It also forecast that the market share of UV LED in the UV light source market will increase from 16% to 25% in the same period

About LG Innotek, Inc.:
LG Innotek is a global specialized materials and components manufacturer and an affiliate of LG Group. LG Innotek, established in 1970, recorded about USD 5.7 billion (6.2 trillion won) in sales in 2013 and works with around 19,000 employees worldwide in 22 operations. LG Innotek is pouring its energy into the core material and parts of the technology advanced industry, including LEDs, PCBs, Mobiles, Displays, Networks, Automotive, etc. In addition, LG Innotek is adding fresh fuel to the development of future eco-friendly material and parts like solar cells, electric car parts, etc.
For more information, visit ledlighting.lginnotek.com.

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