Light Art Project at the Kunsthaus Bregenz

On September 30th, starting at 8:30 p.m., attendees of the LED profes-sional Symposium in Bregenz will have the opportunity to experience the interplay of light and color on the façade of the KUB. Space, light and color are the basic components of the works by Miriam Prantl and she arranges them in lighting installations, architectural interventions, sculptures, mural reliefs and paintings. In her “Light Art Project”, Vorarlberg-based artist Miriam Prantl will be staging a presentation of the KUB’s façade for Zumtobel. This will be in the context of an evening reception for the guests of the LED professional Symposium +Expo 2014. In a guided tour of the Kunsthaus, visitors will also have the opportunity to take a look behind the façade of the installation. In this way, Zumtobel’s program will add a cultural component to the symposium, showing the wealth of options provided by LED technology in the area of art & culture.

via LED-professional

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