Light Cloud Series by NITEKO: The New Frontier on Smart Lighting Management

Luminous flux control is manageable singularly or by areas and can be programmed with pre-set landscapes according to season or during local festivals. Consumptions are manageable in real time, with immediate signal in case of faults and misfiring lightings.
The use of the GSM service frequencies guarantees to the system to operate even in areas where network coverage is not enough to make calls.

Niteko will present the series of Light Cloud Lamps at international professionals in lighting field to the Next Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt (Hall 4.2 Booth no G90).

For more information about LIGHT CLOUD visit the website

About Niteko Srl:
Niteko Srl is an italian Company settled in Montemesola (TA), designing and producing Solid-state lamps with LED technology. The company offers LED Fixtures for Street, industrial and large areas lighting 100% Made in Italy, identified with “Eleva” brand and commercializes high efficiency products for indoor solutions and commercial spaces with “Habita” brand. In the international market Niteko has been a big player in the realization of several projects with foreign partners in: Austria, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Sweden, Chile, Algeria, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

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