Lighting Forum at electronica 2014

The ‘electronica’ trade fair celebrated its 50th Anniversary last week in Munich with over 70,000 visitors and over 2600 exhibitors! Luger Research e.U organised the first ‘Lighting Forum’ with the motto ‘International Year of Light 2015’ bringing together experts to discuss strategies and trends in Solid-State Lighting.

Dr. Joseph Niemala from ICTP in Trieste, Italy; Global Co-ordinator for the International Year of Light 2015; opened the forum with a keynote speech. He gave a detailed insight into the main aims and goals of the ‘Year of light and light technologies’ and an overview of the worldwide efforts that will take place in 2015 to raise awareness about light and optics.

The first panel discussion was entitled ‘International Year of Light 2015 – Strategies and Technologies’ and the expert panel consisted of Prof. Reine Karlsson, Lund University, Sweden; Dr. Nicola Trivellin, LightCube SRL, Italy, Dr. Joseph Niemela, ICTP, Italy and Dr. Christopher Keusch, Everlight Electronics Europe, Germany. The panel reinforced the message that future lighting system designs will have to strongly integrate human and application requirements and innovation will be strongly driven by the users. As such, the IYL2015 can raise awareness among the general public about the impact of light on their daily lives and what ‘good light’ means to human beings.

The second panel discussion was on the topic of ‘Trends in SSL – Electronic Designs for Lighting’ and the panel consisted of Sebastian Hülck, EBV Elektronik GmbH; Dr. Reto Häring, Instrument Systems; Mr. Anton Gshwändler, CeramTec GmbH; Mr. Benjamin Garufo, Ledxon Modular Gmbh and Dr. Nicola Trivellin, LightCube SRL. The discussion introduced the current trends in thermal management, driver design requirements and software and hardware in SSL. Further the experts agreed that future innovations will need to incorporate added values by adding more functionalities and keep track with high-quality requirements from the light-source to the complete system design. “In 10 years we will have shining computers as luminaires” said Mr. Gschwändler, Head of Business Lighting at CeramTec.

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