LpS 2014 – Design and Engineering for Future LED Lighting Systems

Lighting system design based on LED and OLED technologies is challenging. Preferred solutions have to incorporate the latest technologies, smart systems, new standards, advanced functionalities and new user behaviors. Therefore, a holistic design and engineering approach is required in order to develop successful LED Lighting Systems for the future.


Event Program

The LpS 2014 covers the most important trends and visions in future LED lighting systems, from LED light sources and materials to manufacturing processes and system designs. Furthermore, the reliability and lifetime of LED lighting systems, as well as practical design approaches, will be discussed.

One of the lecture presentations will be about the development of a new color fidelity index, called CRI2012, presented by Dr. Kevin A.G. Smet from the Research Council Flanders. Attendees will learn the theory and practical use of the new color metrics. Traditionally the CIE color rendering index (CRI) has been used to describe the color rendition of white light sources, however the CRI index fails to accurately predict the color rendition of narrow-band or spiked spectra. This has increasingly become a problem with the advent of Solid-State Lighting, as the inability to correctly assess the color rendition of these light sources might hinder the acceptance of this new lighting technology.

Another interesting presentation will be from Ralph Christopher Tuttle, Application Engineering Manager at Cree. He will present insights into the problem of the color shifts of LED packages, and will also cover the important topic of failure mechanisms in Solid-State Lighting. “High temperature results can be used to accurately model LED behavior at lower temperatures”, says Mr. Tuttle.

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is a key topic in the lighting industry nowadays, promising a lot of future business potential. Dr. Walter Werner is a former System Architect at the Zumtobel Group and will present the challenges of HCL with a focus on components, controls and the networking environment. “We have some more steps to take before humans are back in the center of interest when it comes to lighting”, he says.

For a better understanding of lighting effects on system designs, Bartenbach Lichtlabor will run a workshop covering theory and practical demonstrations on visual perception.

These are just some examples of the many lectures presented in five parallel tracks during the three event days. The full event program is available on http://ift.tt/1ow7F8o.


New in 2014

The new session structure enables attendees to get information and inspiration during the first two days in order to apply their knowledge in different workshops and discussions on the third day. The exhibition space has been extended for this year, and 100 world-renowned exhibitors, such as Samsung, Cree, Infineon, Wago, Fischer, Bayer Materials Science, UL, Arrow, and OEC will present their latest technologies, products and services. Technical experts will be available for in-depth discussions with visitors and to answer their specific questions. For the first time, the LED professional Scientific Award will be presented at the LpS 2014 to promote global lighting research. The best scientific paper in the areas of LED and OLED light sources will be honored. As in past years, the organizer will surprise its attendees with exciting networking events.

“For this year, attendees will find a basically restructured LpS event, mainly to increase the content quality, to add more interactive program elements, and to offer more time and space for the exhibition. Attendees will be trained and inspired to create new designs and to bring innovations to the next levels“, says Siegfried Luger, organizer of the LpS 2014.


LpS Website: www.LpS2014.com
LpS Journal: http://ift.tt/1h6UmCb
LpS Program: http://ift.tt/1ow7F8o

Early Bird Tickets with reduced prices until June 30th: http://ift.tt/1ow7FVY

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