LUX Introduces the Only Dimmable, UL Certified, LED Filament Bulbs

LUX is the first to market with the only dimmable, UL Certified LED filament engineered with proprietary protection coating, without a cloudy look. With no plastic ring, the bulb feels and looks as good as a vintage 60 W Edison bulb, but uses only 6 W of power and comes in a variety of styles. LUX offers a full product portfolio of dimmable LED filaments including A19, G25, ST19 Edison, T10, as well as 3 Candelabras, all available in clear and Vintage Amber coating. Color temperature ranges from 1800 K to 5000 K, so the lighting possibilities are endless.

LUX Technology Group, Inc., in partnership with Lattice Power, boasts a product line of over 200 affordable LED lighting solutions, all with advanced technology using a fraction of the energy and up to 15 times the lifespan of non-LEDs. Through the strategic partnerships with Lattice Power, LUX has access to the entire supply chain from the diodes to the finished box, ensuring excellent quality at competitive pricing.

LUX maintains offices in Norway, Panama, China, with its headquarters in California, USA. It also has representatives in many other countries and throughout the United States, not to mention a team of 50 PhD’s, scientists and engineers dedicated to research, development, and production giving it an experienced technological advantage. Ranging from residential to commercial and municipal applications, LUX is ready to See What’s Possible.

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About LUX Technology Group:
LUX Technology Group, Inc. has launched a product line of over 200 affordable LED lighting solutions in the past year, including filaments, flood lights, area lights, down lights, tubes, panels, and more. LUX’s LED lights offer the same warm, yet powerful glow of an incandescent, but with excellent efficiency and long lifespan, all at an affordable price.
Whether it’s a bulb that burns brighter and longer, or a program that brings light to the darkest corners of the globe, or a new invention that fundamentally changes how we view the world – LUX will always champion those bold enough to reach for what’s next. And LUX will empower those who dream with the tools to bring their biggest, boldest, most audacious notions to life.

About Lattice Power:
Innovating the next generation of lighting, Lattice Power has brought about the convergence of performance, design and affordability in LED lighting. The company’s proprietary LED products deliver outstanding efficacy, superior brightness and excellent color rendering. As a vertically integrated company, Lattice Power designs, engineers and manufacturers all the components in its products, optimizing performance and reducing time to market at scale.
The company is backed by international renowned venture capital companies, is managed by global lighting experts and employs a world-class team of scientists and engineers. With more than 200 patents and patent applications, the Lattice Power’s IP portfolio and proprietary technologies have been integrated into the company’s advance, yet affordable, commercial grade LED lamps and fixtures. –

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