Luxeon 3535 2D Mid-Power LED Update Boosts Performance by 10%

Features and Benefits.
•    High efficacy for sustainable design
•    Compact 3535 2D package
•    Minimum 80 CRI and R9 > 0 for quality indoor lighting
•    ANSI compliant 1/6th color binning

Key Applications:
•    Architecture
•    Downlight
•    High bay and low bay
•    Indoor
•    Lamps
•    Outdoor
•    Specialty
•    Spotlight

This is in line with Philips Lumileds targeted improvements in flux and efficacy for 90 CRI warm white LEDs. Developed to address the rapidly growing market for high color rendering light sources, this boost in performance of 90 CRI warm white emitters mimics the color quality of traditional incandescent bulbs. Increasingly, customers seeking retrofit lamp solutions are specifying a minimum of 90 CRI. For example, the California Energy Commission is requiring minimum 90 CRI and 50 R9 for light fixtures installed in California.

Stayed tuned for further flux and efficacy improvements of other CRI and CCT combinations in Philips Lumileds mid-power portfolio in Q2, to address cool white and 80 CRI color temperatures.

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About Philips Lumileds:
Philips Lumileds focuses on one goal: Creating the world’s highest performing LEDs for lighting, flash, display and automotive applications. In partnership with its customers, Philips Lumileds matches application optimized LEDs and uncompromising service with your end product design. Philips Lumileds understands that solid-state lighting is not just about energy efficiency. It’s about elegant design. Reinventing form. Pioneering markets and simplifying the supply chain. It’s about a shared vision. Learn more about our comprehensive portfolio of LEDs at

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