LUXEON Q: Industry Standard 3535 Footprint Delivering Market Leading High Flux

Efficacy for the LUXEON Q emitter is 135 lm/W at 5700K 70 CRI and 115 lm/W at 3000K 80 CRI (@85˚C and 350 mA).  The LED is especially competitive when it’s driven harder. For instance, at 1 amp, a flux of more than 300 lm at an efficacy of 102 lm/W at 85˚C is achieved in neutral white at 4000K. The high efficacy at high drive current of the LUXEON Q emitter is achieved as a result of the industry leading wall plug and conversion efficiency of Philips Lumileds next-generation CSP architecture.

The LUXEON Q emitter line is available in CCTs of 2700K, 3000K, and 3500K at 80 CRI and CCTs of 4000K and 5700K at 70 CRI.

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