LUXeXceL’s Printed Optics Are Now also Available for Outdoor Applications

“We are very happy to open up our service to the outdoor markets,” said Richard van de Vrie, Founder and CEO of Luxexcel. “3D printed optics are already being used for many indoor applications and our customers asked us to develop a process that allows them to benefit from our unique Printoptical Technology to create custom optical components for the outdoor markets as well. So that’s what we did and we are already seeing some great new products coming out of our printers”.

How it works:
The outdoor finishing can be applied to the LUX Standard material and must be selected during the order process. The process is developed to fit within the current shipping time of 10 working days. Additional information about the material or design specifications can be found here:

About LUXeXceL:
LUXeXceL Group BV provides an additive manufacturing services for optical components using its patented Printoptical Technology. Luxexcel is located in Goes, The Netherlands.

via LED-professional

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