New DC LED Light Engines from Thomas Research Products

TRP’s 8 new families of LED light engines are designed to be “standard,” making them easy to simply drop into a wide variety of existing luminaire designs. Depending on the model, color temperature options range from 2700K to 5000K, most with 83 CRI or better. Offering high lumen output, they are optimized for use with TRP’s high-performance LED drivers.
Linear 11″ and 22″ engines are engineered for troffer applications, whether retrofit or new manufacturing. A Narrow 22.7″ linear model, perfect for cove, undercabinet and sign lighting applications, can be cut to length.

Round 3″, 3.7″ and 4.7″ diameter light engines are available for commercial or residential downlight applications. A square 10.2″ Fingerboard design eliminates excess FR4 board, and provides superior light uniformity for surface-mount, recessed or suspended office luminaires.

Completing the range is a new rectangular 7″ Canopy light engine, designed for popular outdoor applications such as garage lighting, area lighting and gas station lighting.

Development was done in collaboration with sister company Norlux, a leading North American LED systems integrator with a history of strength in both design and manufacturing custom LED solutions. These new DC light engine products complement TRP’s AC LED light engine offerings and comprehensive DC-based LED Driver line. Availability begins during 1Q 2014.

About Thomas Research Products:
Founded in 1997, Thomas Research Products designs, manufactures and supplies advanced drivers and power solutions for solid state lighting. TRP also manufactures energy-saving electronic controls, surge protectors, switches and relays for commercial HID and fluorescent lighting in indoor and outdoor applications. The company is headquartered in Huntley, IL.

via LED-professional

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