New FlexRad™ Fluorescent Light Source Replacement Solution

T-Linear requires no fasteners, no additional harnesses or connectors, and no secondary heat sinks, regardless of length or output level. Because of its flexibility, conformability, and unique heat spreading technology, T-linear is fully compatible with sheet metal housings and reflectors. It does not require aluminum extrusions or castings to remain cool, even up to 30 watts per foot.

T-Linear supports multiple sizes and can be trimmed from the same continuous reel. Therefore, any length needed can come from the same consistent output and color stock. Programmable drivers can be used to get various outputs from the same strips.

Designed for high usage commercial, industrial, and architectural applications, T-linear is a highly reliable and robust product.
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About MetroSpec Technology:
MetroSpec Technology is the leading manufacturer of privately labeled FlexRad™ LED light source technology exclusively for light fixture manufacturers. Its patented FlexRad LED technology provides high performing customized solutions for architectural, commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality, outdoor, and signage manufacturing customers.

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