opsira Extends Services with their Lightlab

From simple measurements of a surface reflection through complex scattering light distributions to far-field luminous intensity distributions – data are delivered shortly enabling customers to go on with their projects or include the data into sales information.

Measurement examples carried out in the opsira lightlabs are listed here: www.opsira.com/lightlab

About opsira GmbH:
opsira develops optical systems, opsira measures your optical systems and provides ray data and opsira offers optical test systems.
opsira GmbH is one of the leading companies for the development of optical systems and in the field of optical measurement and system technique. Our highly-qualified team of experts meets even special demands and challenges and is always looking for the best possible solution. Our measurement techniques and simulation models are in-house developments and basis for realizing individual solutions for complete optical and illumination systems – from the drawing board to series production. The opsira GmbH laboratories carry out photometric and radiometric measurements as well as product or component tests regarding their optical behavior. Customized measurement and test systems such as goniometer systems and integrating spheres round-off opsira’s product range.

via LED-professional http://www.led-professional.com/business/company-information/opsira-extends-services-with-their-lightlab

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