Optotech Launches a Patented Indoor P3 LED Display

In 2014, Opto Tech Corporation (Optotech) announced the launch of a new P3 LED display that provides a high level of flexibility in terms of applications, and which represents a major step forward compared with traditional display; this new product is the fruit of R&D work by Optotech’s team of experienced, creative R&D engineers.

Optotech has been awarded a patent for this new display product. The patented modular structural design reduces the size of the gaps that appear during module assembly, ensuring that the display as a whole is tightly sealed. The use of special LEDs and the clever cover design provide ultra-high contrast. The display can be installed and removed quickly and easily, and is also easy to maintain and repair, significantly reducing the time and cost that need to be expended on installation and maintenance.

The high indoor luminance (3,000 nits) design makes the display ideally suited to semi-outdoor environments, while the combination of high-efficiency LEDs and special IC and circuit design reduces thermal energy by nearly 30%, giving the LED display a longer product lifespan. The modular, customizable design makes this product suitable for use in a wide variety of different usage scenarios, including curved, columnar and ultra-slim display designs, etc. Optotech’s new indoor P3 LED display is well-suited for use in department store boutique display windows, airport shopping arcades, subway advertising, stations, sports centers, shopping malls, hotels, casinos, etc.

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About Optotech:
Optotech launched its first large-sized LED display in 1991. There are now more than 1,500 large-sized Optotech LED displays installed in 49 different countries; Optotech’s displays have helped many architects and lighting designers to realize their creative vision. Ever since the company was first established, Optotech has continued to make effective use of its extensive resources for ongoing innovation, tailored to our customers’ creativity and design expertise. Optotech provides customers with a “total solution,” covering every stage from upstream epitaxy through LED manufacturing, mounting and packaging, to system applications. Optotech’s LED display solutions, which are designed to meet customers’ real needs, are marketed all over the world.

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