LED business news: Patent skirmishes; executive moves, and Signify’s independent march

Signify continues its march away from Philips with share repurchases and a board change, while Seoul Semiconductor and Everlight continue their battle, Epistar and Nichia win IP rounds, and Cree and Leviton make executive changes.

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Department of Energy Solid-State Lighting program chief Jim Brodrick retires after leading LED market transformation

Jim Brodrick, who has led the DOE SSL program and helped accelerate the market transformation to LEDs in lighting, has retired and the industry awaits word of who will follow in the post.

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Current adds to street light and IoT projects across Southern California

San Diego has added to it LED street-light portfolio and to sensor-enabled wireless controllers for a variety of public service applications, while a coalition of municipalities in the so-called Inland Empire have struck a unique financial deal to purchase street light assets from utilities and migrate to SSL.

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STRATEGIES IN LIGHT SPOTLIGHT: Chasing rainbows — Does SPD hold the key to future LED performance?

Strategies in Light keynote speaker Eric Bretschneider delivers a fresh perspective on how the SSL industry might look beyond lengthy lab tests and develop confidence in predictive models that could be applied over and over, addressing a number of critical parameters.

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LED business news: IP update on Eaton and Seoul; Forest moves to LEDvance

Eaton has settled a patent infringement action against other luminaire makers, while Seoul Semiconductor has expanded its IP action against retailer Fry’s; and MLS has made the move to combine Forest Lighting into its LEDvance business unit.

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