ProLight Flash LEDs –Super-Thin with Innovative Spray Coating Technology

ProLight Flash LEDs provides as a super-thin specifically designed and tested for use as a smart phone camera flash in space-constrained and portable digital imaging applications.  ProLight Flash LEDs are foot print compatible with most of the major flash LEDs so that it’s easily coupled into secondary optics or integrated into a stand-alone camera Flash module. It also designed with innovative spray coating technology to provide high intensity and color uniformity.

ProLight Flash LEDs qualifies as the JEDEC MSL Level 1 and provide with more than 8KV ESD protection which is suitable for SMD process, Pb_free reflow soldering capability, and full compliance with EU Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) legislation. ProLight Flash LEDs will be exhibit at Booth: 1A E38 in Hall 1 at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair. Welcome to join us and to find out ProLight excellent products.

At 2013 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair ProLight will exhibit light-sources which include the Phenix 3535 series, Phenix 3020 series, COB light engine series, and DOB(Driver on board)series.  The Phenix 3535 has precise color bin and high lumen output.  Its copper lead-frame and silicon lens are suitable for lead free soldering process.  The Phenix 3020 is suitable for T8/T5 light tube solution and it can also be applied to light bulb. COB light engine series is a compact high flux density light source which ranges from 5W~200W. COB Series helps luminaries manufactures bring a quality product to market that meets the application needs of their customers.  DOB series are designed to be driven directly off of AC 110V without converters. It is a brilliant solution for lighting designs with limited space.

Prolight Opto was established in October 2004, is a professional high power LED manufacturer. ProLight provides customers with its full range of lighting solutions, which includes LED emitters, LED modules, LED matching optics and drivers. You will discover that ProLight can be your No.1 choice.

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