Schukat Now Supplies the Most Powerful of the ZENIGATA Modules

The new modules from Sharp stand out with top-notch CRI values exceeding 80 or even 90, depending on the series, ensuring natural colour rendition in your LED lighting applications.

A further advantage is the narrow range of colour temperatures offered by the six MegaZENI series. Six binnings, with colour temperatures ranging from 2700K (warm white) to 6500K (cool white), are available for each series, ensuring LED modules with practically no perceptible colour variations. Up to 168 parallel and series connected LED chips also guarantee a high level of failsafe protection for the modules. The new MegaZENIs in the 25W series are now available direct from stock in the most sought-after colour temperatures, also in small quantities from a minimum order of one module.

Detailed technical information, up-to-date prices and stock information as well as data sheets to download can be found on the Schukat website in product groups:
W1993 – SHARP Light-Emitting Diode Modules Diffuse White High Power 15W; Series: “MegaZENI” GW5DGA_, GW5DLA_, GW5DMA_; Case: 20x24mm
W1997 – SHARP Light-Emitting Diode Modules Diffuse White High Power 25W; Series: “MegaZENI” GW5DGC_, GW5DLC_, GW5DMC_; Case: 20x24mm
W1999 – SHARP Light-Emitting Diode Modules Diffuse White High Power 50W; Series: “MegaZENI” GW5DGE_,; GW5DLE_, GW5DME_; Case: 20x24mm

via LED-professional

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