Solar is changing lives in Brazil. Here’s how.

Around the world, solar power is transforming communities and changing lives. From India to Canada, this clean and abundant energy source is creating jobs, providing clean water and powering schools.

In Brazil, the solar revolution is just beginning, but it is already making a difference for people across the country. Watch these snapshots of just some of the benefits solar is providing for Brazilians.

Potable water

Drinking water was scarce for this community in Rio Grande do Norte. But today, solar power helps supply clean, fresh water to over 200 people.

Brighter classrooms

This school was the first to receive solar panels in Brazil. There is now hot water on tap, the classrooms are brighter and students are teaching their parents and communities about the importance of investing in renewable energy sources.

Ice from the sun

This community in the middle of the Amazon rainforest has been transformed by solar energy. Residents can now drink cold water and refrigerate fish thanks to solar panels that supply energy to freezers and refrigerators.

Green jobs

Neide Silva’s life was transformed when she took a job installing solar panels on the rooftops of condominiums in the state of Bahia.

Despite all that solar can do for communities in Brazil, only 0.02 percent of the country’s electricity comes from solar panels. Just imagine how bright a future with more solar could be!

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via Greenpeace news

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