Stanley Electric Release 1 Watt Ice Blue LED

Color Temperature* Size VF Luminous flux Efficiency
Ice blue (22100K) 4.6×4.6×0.67mm 3V 107lm 102lm/W

*Note: “GSPW1651N” Original LED lineup has color temperature from 2000K to 5000K.

From our long-standing insistence on creating the highest “Quality of Light”, we have utilized our unique in-house phosphor mixing technique, enabling us to offer special color LED to fulfill customers’ demands for special lighting usage. We offer a wide color temperature range from 2000K to 6500K, and CRI selections of Ra70 / Ra85 / Ra95. Special colors such as pink, pale blue and others are also available in the lineup for special lighting application.

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About Stanley Electric Co:
Stanley Electric Co., Ltd, with over 10000 employees around the world is a manufacturer continues its thorough pursuit of the value of light. From LED devices to lighting applications, Stanley supports all your needs with high-technology and high-quality products at its locations around the world.
Stanley is first known as an automotive equipment manufacturer making headlamps and rear combination lamps for its advanced lighting technology. While at the same time, electronic components manufacturing focusing on LED is also part of its core business activity.
Stanley continues to explore the various properties of light to create new value and thereby contributes to society.

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