TDE-lighttech Releases Highly Efficient Tunable White Linear LED Module

•    Module length: 420 mm (cuttable in 84mm sections)
•    LEDs: 70
•    Colour temperature: 2400 K-4000 K
•    Lumen output: 600 lumen (2400 K) / 850 lumen (4000 K)
•    Colour rendering: CRI 85+
•    Beam angle 120º
•    Consumption per module: 6 W per colour / 12 W total
•    Consumption per meter: 14,3 W per colour / 28,6 W total
•    Power supply: 24 VDC

Allowing the user to create a dynamic light atmosphere with the extra warm 2400K colour temperature as an unique feature. The MTW4270 has a high colour quality with a CRI of 85+ and a very good colour consistency throughout its lifespan. This LED module is characterised by its high energy efficient output levels with a luminous efficacy of up to 100 (lm/W) and is equipped with a regulated current source for constant light output when longer lengths are used.

This product is ideal for applications that require seamless LED lines where output and dynamic colour control are important. It allows itself in combination with our special designed LED profiles and covers for discrete placement in a wide range of architectural details. The versatile features of the MTW4270 ensure a multi-purpose LED module and is the perfect choice for a wide range of retail, hospitality and architectural applications in which creating the right atmosphere is essential.

The MTW4270 is controllable with our LED driver and controller range. When used in combination with the AD-LC6 MKII or AD-LC12 LED driver, different user modes are available for controlling the LED module.

For additional information you may want to visit, the product micro-site or to download the datasheet

About TDE-lighttech:
TDE-lighttech is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting. Specialised in turning bold and cutting edge ideas into reality through custom made solutions, TDE-lighttech represents durable, reliable and innovative products. The company provides a full range of indoor lighting products serving the commercial, architectural and hospitality sector.

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