TechTalks BREGENZ – An Initiative for the “International Year of Light and Light Based Technologies 2015″

International Year of Light 2015
The International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies (IYL 2015) is a global initiative that will highlight the importance of
light and optical technologies in the lives and futures of the world’s citizens and the development of society.

A resolution declaring 2015 the International Year of Light was passed by the full United Nations General Assembly on 20 December 2013. The Optical Society is one of six founding scientific organizations that worked to obtain the formal declaration. The International Year of Light will consist of coordinated activities on national, regional and international levels.

EPIC’s “Day of Photonics”
The European Photonics Industry Consortium’s (EPIC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) decided that the annual Day of Photonics would take place on 21 October. Drew Nelson, President of EPIC, said “EPIC recognizes how essential it is to present the endless opportunities that our industry provides to the general public. I am proud that EPIC is embarking on this initiative and look forward to spreading the word about our innovative and dynamic industry.”

The date of Day of Photonics was chosen to commemorate when the General Conference of Weights and Measures adopted the value of 299,792.458 km/s for the speed of light on 21 October 1983. This feature concerns all photonics technologies, and is not related to a specific country, therefore an ideal occasion for a technology that encompasses fields as broad as photovoltaic solar energy, laser, LED lighting, displays, optical communication, and all photonics technologies.

The EPIC year’s event will be complementary to the International Year of Light 2015 initiative. “There will be several preparatory actions leading up to the International Year of Light (IYL) 2015, and I am delighted to see the initiative taken by EPIC to promote an industry-wide Day of Photonics. This is a perfect example of an action for 2014 that is not only exciting and interesting on its own but also feeds-in perfectly to our aspirations for 2015 to demonstrate innovation in light technology in a tangible manner and to promote new public-industry engagement,” commented John Dudley, Chairman of the IYL Steering Committee.

LED professional’s Initative – TechTalks BREGENZ
Luger Research e.U., publisher of LED professional, is starting an exciting activity in connection with the IYL 2015 and the Day of Photonics: A series of 4-6  top-level meetings per year with the most important and innovative players in the LED/OLED technologies global market place.

The main goal is to provide help and orientation for the global SSL user industries of LED & OLED materials, components, systems and services. The talks will furnish top-level insights on state-of-the-art technology trends, R&D achievements, product designs, future SSL strategies, missions and personalities of leading manufacturers, organizations and research institutes on the global market place.

Siegfried Luger, CEO of Luger Research e.U., publisher of LED professional and organizer of the annual LED professional Symposium +Expo will be inviting top representatives of the most innovative and powerful LED & OLED global market place and technology influencers to Bregenz at regular intervals.

A summary of the meetings will be available to the international LED professional audience via LED professional ReviewLED professional Online and the LED professional Newsletter. The talks will take place at the Festspielhaus Bregenz which also hosts the annual LED professional Symposium +Expo.

Festspielhaus Bregenz

Festspielhaus Bregenz, Photographer – Bruno Klomfar

BREGENZ – Martina Paul
Martina Paul was invited
to Bregenz for the opening talk on March 3rd, 2014. Her views, insights and outlooks will be published in the upcoming issue of LED professional Review – #43 (May/June 2014).

Martina Paul is General Secretary of the International Commission on Illumination (since 2007) and Managing Director of the CIE Scientific Services GmbH (since 2009). She has vast experience as senior manager in international organizations, including eight years as Deputy Secretary General of HOPE’87, an NPO in operational relationship to UNESCO.  Ms. Paul’s main expertise and focus lies on change and stakeholder management  in a global context. She holds a Master degree from the University of Economics and Business in Vienna.

Martina Paul

via LED-professional

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