The Air Up There: Wind Energy Remote Sensing Gains Ground

Five years ago, First Wind’s in-house meteorological team zeroed in on a couple of new potential wind farm areas in Maine that were different: moderate-elevation plateaus instead of the traditionally preferred high-elevation ridgetop locations. At the time, those sites looked like “a little bit of a gamble,” recalled Dave Fowler, First Wind’s director of development for the New England region. But the company put up a few meteorological (MET) test towers at those sites, and after a couple of years added newer remote-sensing technologies to broaden the wind data collection – and found there was “really impressive wind resource” at those locations, added Matt Kearns, First Wind’s VP of development for the Northeast region. One of those sites became the company’s 34-MW Bull Hill operation, which came online in the fall of 2012. The other, officially pitched to Maine state officials this summer, is the proposed 186-MW Bingham Wind project in southern Aroostook County, which will be the largest wind farm in New England upon completion.

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