The Arctic needs your creativity

Save the Arctic Style Guide

Since we launched the Save The Arctic campaign we’ve seen an amazing amount of creativity and visual design, both from our talented supporters and the people who work here at Greenpeace. But sometimes it’s hard to find the right tools for the job.

Today we’re hoping to make it even easier to get involved by releasing an Arctic Style Guide.

As well as offering you colours, fonts and templates we’re also opening up a small selection of our best images and videos for you to download and use.

This is just one way we’re hoping to build a more ‘open source’ movement, where everyone can find different ways to contribute their talents and skills to help protect the Arctic.

Beginners welcome

You don’t have to be professional designer to use this guide. With help from our friends at Fake Crow we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible, so that if you just want to download an image and use it as wallpaper on your computer, well, that’s fine. At the same time we’ve included some suggestions on how to create a flyer or a smart email, things you can use to help persuade others to join this growing movement.

There are icons, fonts, palettes, and all sorts of other goodies. We want you to use these as a starting point for your work, a way to enhance your natural creativity. These aren’t rules, they’re suggestions, and we all know that sometimes the rebellious mind produces the best ideas.

Save the Arctic Style Guide

Overall we offer this to you as a tool – something we hope you will use to show the world the incredible beauty of the Arctic and the vibrancy of the movement that’s building to protect it.

We hope you like it. And please don’t forget to share you work with us, using the email address we’ve set up for this purpose:

Competition time

Today we’re also launching a new competition to encourage our supporters to create images, videos or any other type of content for the campaign.

We’ll share the best entries on social media, and the most popular will win a Vivienne Westwood Arctic T-Shirt and one of the actual expedition jackets we took to the North Pole.

Creativity vs. Arctic oil

Oil companies like Shell seem to have all the money in the world – and some pretty huge advertising budgets too. But we have ideas, imagination and creativity on our side. That’s incredibly important.

And it’s one of the reasons why we’re going to win.

So it’s over to you. Have fun, experiment and get started!

James Turner is the head of communications for Greenpeace International’s Arctic campaign.

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