There are different colour options with LED bulbs why?

LED Colour Choices

Three different colour choices for LED bulbs

The three colour choices we offer on our light bulbs are Warm White, Near White and Pure White. Traditionally LED bulbs were only available in two colours warm white and pure white. The names of the colours are not quite descriptive to reality.

Pure white is between the frequency of 6000-6500K which some people describe as a light similar to an overcast day. Warm White is between the frequency of 2800-3500K it is very close to the light provided by a incandescent light bulb. Near white is the holy grail of colours some LED developers/scientists describe this colour as being the next big thing 4000-4500K and should really be described as pure white or the colour of the moon.

Obviously not everyone has the same taste and this is true of LED lights, some people love the pure white colour which is described as a more natural colour than traditional halogen bulbs, while some prefer warm white which is very similar to the previous light colour, while near white is ideal for those who want a white light.

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