Unistars Delivering the World Smallest High Power LED

Unistars announces the Mercury 1515 series with the most advanced CSP (Chip Scale Package) technique. Unistars 1515 LEDs will be exhibited at Booth 3D-D39 at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair. Welcome to join us and to experience our excellent products.

Mercury 1515 series have the world smallest 1.5 mm x1.5 mm footprint enabling over 3.6W performance and 13000 lm/cm² lighting density.

The 1515 applies the Flip Chip and offers the following remarkable advantages:
1.    Provide JEDEC MSL Level 1 and ultra-high ESD protection, which is suitable for SMD and Pb-free reflow soldering process.
2.    5-sides (top and 4 lateral sides) lighting outputs along with 3D light boards carry out the omni-directional lamps design efficiently and flexibly.
3.    Due to the poor thermal conductivity of Ag glue in conventional wire bonds LEDs, the metal bonding between the chip and submount provides the more efficient heat dissipation path. Mercury 1515 can be efficiently driven at max current 1.2A, which translates into enhanced system flexibility and industry leading lumen per dollar.
4.    Built on Unistars unique and patented Cu submount technology, the Mercury 1515 Flip Chip successfully reveals the ultra-low thermal resistance (~3 0C/W) enhancing the thermal stability and lifespan.
5.    Available in color Red/Green/Blue/Amber and whites with minimum CRI of 70 and 80. The high CRI (>98) with R9>90 both on cool and warm whites are in production for special applications. The Mercury 1515 series of HV (High Voltage) LEDs are also available to fulfill the various kinds’ applications of our customers.
6.    With its exceptional size and lumen output, the Mercury 1515 series broaden the design possibility and eliminate the space constrains of lighting fixtures. Unistars’ CSP LED technologies boost current candle lamp, G9 or special lightings developments. Meanwhile, 125 lm/W efficacies (at 350mA) and up to 300lm lumen output provide the best solution for current PICO system.
7.    Unistars EOB (Emitters On Board) is a new leading-edge light engine enabling the small size and no multi-shadow advantages. The EOB solution has the same lighting area and is fully comparable with reflector and accessories of current COBs. Due to the vulnerable surface of COBs, there is always some unnecessary yield/cost loss during handling. The lighting manufactures will significantly improve the yields and reduce the cost due to wire free (Flip Chip) and robust silicone adoption. Moreover, Unistars EOB light engines offer the best color uniformity and consistency (2~4 MacAdam Ellipse) because each 1515 emitter has been exactly identified as the standard bin.
8.    Unistars EOBs offer high flexibility on color temperature; wattage and customized size. Unistars provide 2 independent channels of 50W Bi-CCT EOB and 4 independent channels of 40W RGBA or RGBW lighting engines. The staggered LED arrays make the color change smoothly and seamlessly.

By leveraging semiconductor experience, Unistars next generation CSP LEDs aim to shrink the size to 50 percent smaller than Mercury 1515 series, which will achieve extremely high C/P LEDs. Unistars is devoted to LED development and integrate with chip makers and lighting manufactures to deliver high quality; high throughput and high C/P LED sources to promote the LED penetration.

Please visit us at Booth: 3D-D39 at HK Lighting Fair 10/27~10/30 2013

About Unistars:

Unistars is a subsidiary of UMC, a leading global semiconductor foundry, providing the “High-Quality” and “Cost-Effective” LED lighting sources to various customers. UNISTRAS focus on developing and innovating high power LED by leveraging their professional semiconductor technology. Unistars looks forward to providing the best solutions to fulfill our customers’ requests.

For more information, please contact:

Mail: service@Unistars.com.tw
Web: www.unistars.com.tw

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