Updates from the Solar Access to Public Capital Working Group

Back in November 2012, the NREL finance team convened its first assembly of the Solar Access to Public Capital (SAPC) working group. The purpose was to bring together leaders from the solar, financial, legal, regulatory, and analysis professions to conceive of ways to accelerate the solar industry’s access to capital markets through securitized instruments. The group’s efforts are currently threefold: (1) the standardization of power purchase and lease contracts used by solar developers, installers, and integrators at the commercial and residential level; (2) the collection of performance and credit data to facilitate investor and ratings agency evaluation of solar assets; and (3) the submission of a solar securitization “mock filing” to several ratings agencies in order to illuminate how they will assess the risks of the solar asset class and thus drive solar-backed security issuers and originators to take appropriate mitigation measures.

via Renewable Energy News – RenewableEnergyWorld.com http://www.renewableenergyworld.com/rea/news/article/2013/09/updates-from-the-solar-access-to-public-capital-working-group?cmpid=rss

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